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Friday, May 18, 2007

America's Finest City....(cough cough)

Guess who's back in the motherf$#@ing house??? I am sure everyone was sad to see Big Worm's posting disappear like scoring in the NBA playoffs. I only have about 15 minutes before my weekend furlough begins. Some recent thoughts and events in my life:

1) 3 weeks ago I went back to D.C. for my bachelor party. It was hosted by the incomparable Alex "From Miami but my Spanish is questionable" Grau. Had a great time. Got seriously drunk for the first time and promptly threw up. I don't know how everyone did that 2-3 times a week in college. I'm folding my drinking cards and cashing in whatever I have left. If you want pics, ask Grau.

2) When I found out about Shawn Bradley's broken wrist, I was initially saddened. When I then found out the circumstances surrounding the broken wrist (trying to block a girl's shot but falling because she pump-faked the shit out of him), I couldn't stop laughing. Shades, you are a special person. At least you can still reach a "happy ending" with your strong hand. Bama.

3) Being out here is not that much fun. Autumn hates the weather, her new job, and being so far from her family. Other than that, she's having a blast. And we are poorer than two cockroaches on East Capitol Street. I have been eating the same sandwiches for lunch for the past 4 months. Work for me is slow. No one really talks to me, it's difficult to start working on my own case, and I don't have anybody assigned to me as a Field Training Officer (the norm for most offices). Plus, when I see new graduates going to closer field offices, it makes me even more upset. We might be back there sooner rather than later.

Enough for now. Be safe out there.


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