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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Most Romantic City, Brought to You by Cialis

On the same day my neighborhood was ranked the second bloggiest 'hood in the U.S., I also learned that my hometown of Pittsburgh was named the country's most romantic city for baby boomers in a survey sponsored by Cialis (thus giving new meaning to the "Steel City" moniker).

This is horrible news for the city of Pittsburgh - the last thing the aging city needs is an influx of 45- to 60-year olds in search of love and companionship. So to all you baby boomers out there, listen up - Cialis' methodology was deeply flawed. In developing their rankings, Cialis looked to floral sales among major U.S. cities. Pittsburgh, of course, was ranked quite high in this category - but not because it's some mecca of romance. Rather, it's because everyone's dying, which has obviously led to a sharp increase in floral sales. If you're truly looking for romance, I'd start at the bottom of Cialis' list and work your way up. Miami was ranked next-to-last - you'll fit right in down there...

(The USX Tower, brought to you by Cialis.)


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