Cafe 227

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Reincarnation of Kenny Brunner, and Other Random Links

  • I'm sure everyone saw this story last week, but it's too funny not to pass along. Make sure you watch the accompanying video for gems such as this: "I would be happy if someone tried to save me..." Oh, and take note of how they flippantly threw in at the end that our protagonist still lives with his mother. That's just gratuitous.
  • "N.Y.U. Student Republicans Mount Jaunty (Racist?) 'Immigrant' Hunt." How clever.
  • According to Conor, "though I am sure no one needs to be told this, technically speaking Williamsburg probably ceased to be cool years back sometime before this Washington Post article was published. And though I have no actual knowledge of such an article, it is a virtual certainty that there was one. My guess on a date for that article is circa October 2002." Another friend of Johnny Shades (who cannot be named because he is a high-ranking government official) puts the date at around August 2002, when he "ordered a cafe au lait to go and the guy told me they were out of soy milk."
  • Speaking of milk, check out this new beer-milk hybrid, called bilk. It does a body good.
  • And speaking of beer, check out what these guys found out about the bacteria levels involved in a typical game of beer pong. (Unless you play beer-pong regularly - in which case, ignorance is bliss.)
  • Finally, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have enlisted an outside helper to aid them in their effort to stem the tide of Iraqi insurgency - Prince Pickles, a "perky cartoon character." I feel much safer now.