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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Best Book Ever!!

Actually, I have no idea if it's the best book ever, or even if the darned thing is any good at all. See, a friend of a friend knows a woman whose husband wrote a book, and my friend asked me to promote it. What I wanted to do was read the book first, and then write a pithy book review in this space. Instead, I went to Miami this past weekend and spent the entire time in South Beach eating Cuban sandwiches and drinking Coronas. So I didn't get much reading done.

What I'm going to do is pass along the e-mail I received for now, and read the book at a later date. It looks pretty good though, and it's gotten exceedingly positive reviews - so I'm excited to pick it up, and you should be too. Because it's the BEST BOOK EVER!


I am thrilled to announce that my husband's first novel, which so many of you are already so sick of hearing about, is going to be available in bookstores tomorrow. The brilliant author is Joshua Ferris, the title is Then We Came to the End, and the publisher is Little, Brown. According to one reviewer (who shall remain nameless), the book is, basically, a work of astonishing genius that is likely to change the face of literature as we know it. It has also been praised by Nick Hornby as a "terrific first novel" and is, according to Kirkus Reviews, "both a wickedly incisive satire of office groupthink and a surprisingly moving meditation on mortality and the ties that bind." Another reviewer, author Geoff Dyer, has written, "It almost makes me wish I had a job."

If all this does not convince you that you MUST read this book, here's a link to a blog that excerpts the first chapter:

Josh will be doing a number of readings, including in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles--those who are interested can let me know and I will keep you posted on the dates.


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