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Friday, April 20, 2007

Kitschy Beer Fun That Makes Coors Light Taste Good

While visiting the in-laws in the Garden State recently, my brother-in-law and I traipsed down to the local watering hole. Poor Herbie's of Madison, New Jersey, is an absolutely delightful bar whose clientele is a mixture of students from the neighboring schools of Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson and slightly older guys like us. It has cheap pitchers and great food. We got a table and ordered a pitcher of Coors Light. The bartender (Dennis) asked us if we'd like to try the new "beer lantern" his distributor gave him. We responded immediately that yes, we would so enjoy the "beer lantern." He proceeded to place ice in the middle of the lantern, fill it from the tap, and then flip on the light. The display was absolutely magical. A photo of a similar product is below.

Needless to say, every other table envied our beer lantern and quickly ordered one as well. Bartenders, heed the call: contact your distributors and order many, many of these devices so that we may all enjoy tasty beverages as coldly as possible and have them light up, magically, before our eyes.


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