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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My posts have all been perverted, sorry.

I don't know how to begin writing about a subject like this so I'll just jump right in. My roommate's cat is in heat. I don't know if anyone gone through this with a pet but it is one of the most disturbing events I've ever witnessed.

It started late Tuesday night when the cat, Kali, began moaning. I kept snapping at her to shut up until I noticed her rubbing her you know what all over the carpet. At this point I was pretty sure this was a cat in heat but I logged onto the internet just to be sure. Kitty websites everywhere confirmed my fears, this cat was a giant hornball. At only six months old, my precious kitty was moaning, sticking her butt out, and begging for sex. How inappropriate.

The fun continued through the night when Kali began to pee on tall, thin objects to mark her territory for possible suitors. Just another example of a cat's supreme intelligence...makes no difference that there has NEVER been another animal in the house, maybe if she pissed on every piece of furniture one would miraculously turn up and do her.

The truth is I feel bad for the little cat. She probably doesn't understand why this happening and it is also somewhat painful for them to go through. The moral of this blog is what good ol' Bob Barker has been telling us for years, SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS. If not for their sanity, then for yours.


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