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Monday, November 06, 2006

Last Rites

Well, people, today is my last day off before 2009. (Sidenote: I these freaking computers at the lab in my complex. They remind me of the computers in Harbin Hall circa 1996. At least we have chairs in here...) Anyway, SD is nice and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my better half sometime tomorrow. A few points, however:

1) Apparently, peanut butter and jelly is out of season here in San Diego, according to the food lady at Costco. She told me it is only for the summer. I was thinking, "Bitch, it's freaking 80 degrees outside this micky-flick! That's summer in my book!" Alas, I still can't find my pb&j sandwiches from Smuckers. A travesty indeed.

2) Does anybody think this commercial is racist? It's another mud-slinging commercial for the upcoming election. Your thoughts would be appreciated. By the way, Ford would be the first black senator from a southern state since the Reconstruction period!!!!

3) If you haven't heard this rant yet, you have been hiding in a spiderhole with Saddam. MSU v. ND aftermath by a MSU grad who works as a sports radio jockey in Detroit. Classic.

4) Steelers suck. (Sorry, Shades, but they do. I know they won it last year, so hold on to that little treasure).

5) Did anyone else notice Georgetown is pre-season ranked 8th in the country? 8th??? We have not been ranked that high in the pre-season since the Reconstruction period. That means we will have a mediocre year, go to the NIT, and Roy Hibbert will miss a wide-open dunk at the buzzer a la Reese Gibson. Reese, where are you now?


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