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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's Continue to Rag on Peter King.

From a loyal reader:

"Since you've been running Peter King Is An Idiot files, I thought I would point out the brilliance of today's "analysis" of the Bears-49ers game:

Lovie Smith-Mike Nolan doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Mike Ditka-Bill Walsh. Alex Smith-Rex Grossman, Joe Montana-Jim McMahon. What a difference 20 years makes.

Yes, I know Peter, the players and coaches you spent so much time analyzing and getting to know have retired. Why couldn't they just keep playing forever? And I know that you think it is unfair that it makes your job (which let's not forget, involves watching and discussing NFL football) so much harder that every year you have to learn about new players and coaches who you really don't care about. Which I suppose is why you go back to fellating Bill Parcells over and over again, which leads you to say asinine things like:

Dallas (3-3) at Carolina (4-3)
It's Romo time. Bill, you did the right thing.
Dallas 20, Carolina 16

Dallas isn't going to cover, let alone win. Peter (and the rest of the sports media), its time for you to admit the Cowboys suck and, at this point, Bill Parcells is a bad coach and a bad human being. This Cowboys team has 6-10 written all over it. Of course, I'm sure Peter will still be arguing that Parcells did a great job and it was only a few bad breaks here and there that kept them out of the playoffs where they would have put everything together and gone all the way to the Super Bowl.


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