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Friday, August 04, 2006

Welcoming Judge Rufus G. King to the "Reggie Cleveland All-Stars"

In Bill Simmons' column* today (yes, he still occassionally writes columns), Simmons officially inducted Howie Kendrick into the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars. For those of you who live in a pop-culture vacuum, the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars, according to, is a "fantasy award team created by sportswriter Bill Simmons for sports figures whose names do not seem to match their ethnicities, especially white players with 'African-American-sounding' names."

This reminded me to do something I've been meaning to do since last October when I served for jury duty: By the powers invested in me by the supra-state of the interweb, I would like to officially induct the Honorable Rufus G. King III, Chief Justice of the Superior Court of DC, into the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars. Congratulations, your honor...

(*For those of you who actually miss Bill Simmons' columns, you can now write your own, courtesy of the Chicago Sports Review (via Deadspin)! I will now light myself on fire.)


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