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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Axis of Evil Comedy Tour comes to DC - Friday, July 28

This isn't a political blog. I certainly don't want to use this space as a forum to voice my frustrations on the current situation in the Middle East. As a Lebanese-American with two first cousins in the Lebanese army and dozens of other family members at risk, I can't speak about the situation objectively anyway. Besides, there are smarter people than me who do that kind of thing for a living.

That said, I wanted to pass along the following information for an comedy show/fundraiser at Busboys and Poets this Friday, July 28. All proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in Lebanon. And not only is this for a good cause, but these guys are hilarious. I've seen them several times and routinely steal their jokes.


Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

The acclaimed Axis of Evil Comedy Show, featuring comedians Ahmed Ahmed, Aron Kader, Maz Jobrani, special guest Palestinian/American comedian Dean Obeidallah (Creator of the New York Arab Comedy Festival and Radio personality from Air America). For additional information please visit Minimum donation $10.00 – first come first served – space is limited. All proceeds will go to Lebanon relief efforts (we are currently assessing credible organizations to accept the donations on behalf of the people of Lebanon).


(As an aside, if you're at all interested in doing something other than attending a comedy show to support Lebanon relief efforts, you can start by signing one or both of these two petitions, although I doubt it'll make much of a difference. To contribute something more tangible than an electronic signature, you could always make a donation to the Red Cross - they seem to have a knack for reaching the most desperate areas.)


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