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Sunday, July 23, 2006

DC's New Super-Elite Crime Fighting Force

Just got back from an incredible 3-day white water rafting trip in West Virginia. Being able to escape to the country for a few days and enjoy the beauty of nature was definitely a cathartic experience. But after more than a few near-death experiences on the rapids, I couldn't wait to get back to the city - the buildings, the businesses, the people, the horses...

Could someone please tell me why Mounties are patrolling 14th Street? Is that what happens when they declare a "crime emergency" - they call in the cavalry? Or have the neighborhood police officers been stripped of their vehicles as punishment for blocking in an irate local blogger?

It's great to see an increased police presence in what was heretofore an increasingly dangerous neighborhood. But to force the horse to stand directly in front of Yum's for hours on end is tantamount to animal cruelty. Just look at the horse peering anxiously over his shoulder, hoping he doesn't end up in tonight's basashi special.

(When I took this picture, I was actually on my way to Yum's for dinner, but I ended up going to Ben's instead...)


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