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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Barbaro Memorial "Worst Bets" Rankings, Continued: Worst Restaurants in DC

Let's continue with the "Worst of" rankings. Last week, we reviewed the bar scene. This week, we turn our attention to restaurants.

And the 10 worst restaurants in DC are...

10. Lauriol Plaza
9. Lauriol Plaza
8. Lauriol Plaza
7. Lauriol Plaza
6. Lauriol Plaza
5. Lauriol Plaza
4. Lauriol Plaza
3. Lauriol Plaza
2. Lauriol Plaza
1. Lauriol Plaza

I think you get the point. Lauriol Plaza is the bane of my existence. If I were ever overcome by the desire to plow my car into a building at top speed, I would immediately seek this place out. The ambiance is unremarkable, the food is atrocious, and the service is worse. Yet it's perpetually crowded - two-hour waits for a table on a Friday or Saturday night are routine. The staying power of this place is inexplicable. Dearest readers, if you can provide any insight as to why this place remains popular, I would greatly appreciate it.


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