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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yeah... Amazon Knows What You Like...

So... for a long time now, whenever I remember to do so, I check out the Amazon Friday Sale for ridiculous prices on items they carry. Many times, it is a fruitful search... I have bought a coffee maker discounted 75%, a George Forman grill discounted 85% (with bun warmer, mind you), and gifts for my nephews (Star Wars figure at $3.99, on the rack at $19.99... shhhhh... don't tell!)

Today, however, I am baffled by not only the items they have "overstocked," but also by their juxtaposition. Please take a moment, dear reader, to peruse the list today...


Okay, now let's discuss. Now... I'm no Puritan, but I'm thinking that your target audience for this*

Might be just a tad different than your target audience for this...

And yet, there they are, one on top of the other... now, I would love to see the marketing study that believes that the impulse buyer will think, "Oh! I can get a Trojan Vibrator Ring AND a new Mongoose bike? Click, click!"

* For added amusement, please check out the "Customers also bought section..." Buddy, if you're buying the Vibrator Ring AND the 25 foot "Big Johnson" Power Tape, don't let me stop you from Livin' the Dream.


  • But don't you see? It's not just a bike, it's the "Pro Mischief Boy" bike. It makes perfect sense to me, at least.

    By Blogger Johnny Shades, at 12:13 PM  

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