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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cujo Terrorizes Pittsburgh Neighborhood!

An enraged pit-bull terrorized my childhood neighborhood in Pittsburgh last night. Of course, my 13-year old brother (we'll call him "Matty Shades") was wholly unconcerned with the safety of the neighborhood residents or the well-being of the bitten "post-office man"; he was just happy he made the news. Check out the video here, courtesy of Matty Shades is among the group of assorted Brookline miscreant teenagers. He's the one with the grey t-shirt, white gym shorts, and what appear to be black biking gloves (he and I will have a conversation about that at a later date). The children are visibly terrified (by "terrified," I mean "giddy to be on television.")

Kudos to KDKA correspondent/U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney for his scoop on this.

(Above: A shaken Matty Shades contemplates his mortality in the background.)

[Update: I just watched the video again and had a realization - Gloria Bickerton, who used to own Bickerton's general store on Brookline Boulevard, dropped to the ground because she "seen the bullets flying." That's right, she said that she can see flying bullets. Who is she, Neo? I wonder if she can see the matrix yet, or does that come later? For the record, I really doubt she saw the bullets flying, because I used to steal lemonheads from her store when I was 11 years old and she never saw that...]