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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Not Cambodia, but damn close

Hello All!

I have not been able to write anything for a couple of weeks. I am sure none of you noticed or cared, but that's allright. Aziz, stay safe in Cambodia and tell A. I said hello. I am about to begin week 4 of training down here in Georgia. The weather has not been too bad as of late, but I am sure once July comes the thermostat will be on the "hell" setting. We have our first test on Tuesday and I am looking forward to it being over. I have been busy doing shooting, driving (tomorrow), running, drowning (er, swimming), falling, punching, and the usual pushups/situps/pullups/horse race activities (for those who don't know what a horse race is, get on all fours like a horse and walk around your apartment/office/room for three laps). The food makes me shit once or twice a day, but at least it is free. I miss seeing Autumn and it gets boring down here. So, the moral of the story is if you have someone you love or even like a lot don't take it for granted. Five months is a long time but as you can see I have almost completed one month. I still have not gotten paid yet, but that is for a different bitching session. Here is the website of the facility if anyone is curious Wynne, sorry for not writing back. I completely forgot. I am in Brunswick, and not Atlanta. If you are ever in the area let me know. Aziz, I am disgusted by your reports of high STD rates in senior citizens. I was perfectly happy not knowing that information. To everyone else, stay safe where ever you may be and practice your horse racing!


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