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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Guess Who Forgot to Pay the Water Bill?

I arrived home yesterday to find my roommate Josh waiting for me.
"Isn't this yours?" he asked, holding out an official-looking envelope. It was some sort of county correspondence addressed to my landlord, Barbara K, and did not look at all like the usual type of crap that I typically receive in the mail.
"The water bill," he reminded me. "Aren't you the one who's supposed to pay it?"
Shite. He was right. And I had completely forgotten.
I tore open the first of many similar envelopes, all of which contained bills that demanded immediate payment. The last bill informed me that my account was delinquent, and that if payment was not received on (fill in date from several weeks ago), my water would be shut off. TODAY. Goo!!!
In a state of red-hot panic, I dashed upstairs to pay the bill online. If the water was shut off, my 3 roommates would be furious. I felt horribly guilty. Can you imagine how angry you would be if, due to the idiocy of a roommate, you had to stink like a pig??! I idly wondered if I should empty out the economy-sized jug of popcorn in the den in the event that I would need to give myself a sponge bath in the morning.
Luckily, there was a message on the website stating that the date on which the bill was paid would be the date reflected on my account, even though the payment would take several days to process. I was safe.
Needless to say, the fact remains that this is the second time this month that I have neglected to pay a bill. The first incident was a trifling matter with my corporate credit card that could be dealt with later (it was their mistake, which in my mind meant I shouldn't have to worry about resolving it). I tucked the first bill neatly into my sock drawer for safekeeping; the subsequent bills I brought to the office to hide behind my potted plant. When I started getting calls from the collection agency, reality kicked in.
While fiscal responsibility has never been my strong suit, I had to ask myself why as of late I have been particularly naughty. I realized that the fact that I was never home, but was going out an average of 5 nights a week, probably had something to do with it. But what else do you do with yourself in DC in the winter? DC is particularly dismal during this season. It's not a tropical paradise, but it's not a winter wonderland either, and it kills all motivation. What do you do to keep it interesting in late January??
Having been in this city just a hair under a decade, I am bored. BORED BORED BORED. The other night I had a 10-minute long conversation with Doug about whether we could master the art of picking locks.
Readers, give me your suggestions. I need to motivate to try things besides bars so I can get my act together and pay my bills on time...otherwise, I will be dealing with gray bars when the IRS hauls me away.


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