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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On Hip-Hop

So I've been pretty down on popular hip-hop lately - indeed, there's a ton of crap out there on the airwaves of WPGC. Regardless, there are two songs cimbing up the charts right now that I absolutely love:

1. The first is Grillz by Nelly, featuring Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp. It's not just because gold and diamond fronts are inherently funny (which they indisputably are). But it's also the verbal dexterity of Ali, who spits lines such as: "where i got'em you can spot them, on the top and in the bottom, got a bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham." This has got to be the first time the Clintons got a shout-out in a rap song since Tupac took Bill Clinton to task for being "too old to understand the way the game is told."

2. The second song I love is Touch It by Busta Rhymes. My love for this song (or any of Busta's songs, really) is somewhat inexplicable since I have absolutely no idea what he's saying.

Honorable mention: The infectious theme song of the Eastern Motors commercials has been transformed into a dance track, which you can listen to here. I suppose this was inevitable. Now, what's the drop date for the Shoe City club remixes?


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