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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why Dan Shanoff is a Dolt

Predictably, I have a major issue with Dan Shanoff's "Super Bore" diatribe in Monday's "Daily Quickie." (Yes, I know I'm a few days late with this, but a little thing called "work" has been keeping me busy.) While I agree that the Seahawks have little appeal outside of Seattle, Shanoff is dead wrong when he says "there hasn't been a Super Bowl with less national fan interest in a long time."

His critical folly is his gross underestimation of the size and intensity of Steeler Nation. For proof of its size, look no further than this article or these pictures from across the globe. (Yes, this "proof" is antecdotal at best, but as the axiom goes, "the plural of anecdote is data.") For evidence of its intensity, see (via Deadspin) this web site, this very disturbing web site, the well-publicized story about the heart attack guy, or the better-publicized story about the shamed Beaver Falls student (who still apparently refuses to take off his John Elway jersey.)

(As an aside, in response to the Beaver Falls student story, a friend of a friend wrote the following: "Speaking as a former high-school teacher, I can assure you that this was standard practice in my classroom when the Steelers were on their way to a Super Bowl. Indeed, in 1996 I beat a student to death for wearing a Michael Irvin jersey to my class. All in good fun, of course..." As if you needed more evidence of the intensity of Steeler fans.)

(As another aside, Beaver Falls, PA happens to be the home of the great Joe Namath and the timeless Mr. Belvedere.)


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