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Friday, January 20, 2006

What Blogs Cost American Businesses, and Other Fun Time-Wasters

I recently read in the January/February issue of The Atlantic that U.S. workers waste on average 9% of the workweek perusing the blogosphere. (A summary of the source survey can be found here.) Disappointing. Let's try to get that number up. The following links should keep you engrossed for hours...

  • Here is a facial recognition application that matches your face with that of a celebrity. Apparently, I'm a dead-ringer for Cat Stevens. I suppose this makes sense since the government classifies both of us as national security threats.
  • This is the Music Genome Project. You type in an artist or a song that you like, and they'll create a free playlist of similar artists and songs they recommend for you. For instance, I entered "David Banner" and learned that I would also like "Mike Jones" and "Lil Flip" because all of their songs feature "Southern rap roots, heavy use of slang, and a heavy use of chordal patterning." The internet - it's for more than just porn.

  • Apropos of my Commodore 64 posting a few days ago, here's an on-line C64 game emulator.
  • Ode to Polamalu: "Number 43 Glides Across the Field. His Sweet Hawaiian Hair Flows Behind Him. He Makes Great Interceptions Which Makes Me Cheer. He is Troy Polamalu. He is Great."
  • After what this professor did, maybe UMD should change its nickname from the "Terps" to the "Twerks."
  • I can't really describe this game, but I'll try. Basically, you and your team of apparently homosexual pixie elves have to finish your battle tower before the evil Vikings finish theirs by placing the building blocks in numerical order. My favorite part: when you win a round, the head pixie elf shouts "prepare to get blasted!" before destroying the Vikings' tower with what appears to be a ping-pong ball.
  • Speaking of getting blasted, let's hope that Joey Porter doesn't get shot in the ass this weekend before the big game...


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