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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shades is a Fraud

As one can see from my title, I have a bone to pick with the man, the myth known as Johnny Shades. While I was skimming down his list of things to check out, I saw something that caught my eye. At first I thought I was still asleep or had been drugged and fell into a deep semi-conscious state of awareness, but I was not mistaken: it was a link to an article about Allen Iverson and his (now-completed) trade. Feeling like Neo in "The Matrix" when he saw the same black cat twice, I said, "Whoa". Haven't I seen this article before? Yes I have, because I WAS THE ONE WHO WROTE ABOUT THE ARTICLE IN A PREVIOUS POST!!! I guess Shades doesn't take time to read posts from his indentured servants. As Huggy Lowdown would say, "Johnny Shades, you are Bama of the week, week, week...".

Now that my heart-rate has decreased to a rather calm 110 beats per minute, how about them Eagles??? The insane and futuristic idea of a playoff in sports is one of the reasons the NFL is better than the college system. While both entities are out to make money, at least the NFL doesn't hide its' intentions. The NCAA and Myles Brand mask their intentions by saying, "We are looking out for the students and their education." What a crock of fecal material.

The group of people who believe the students-athletes in BIG sports (football and basketball) are justly compensated with free tuition and an education are naive. Most of them are only playing ball so they can go to the next level: NBA or NFL. Most of them see college as a means to an end. They do not have any long-term thinking regarding their days after playing sports. Schools bring in these kids who can barely pass high school (despite having tutors and easy classes), use them up, and then forget about them. Then, the school presidents team with big corporations to create 487 bowl games in order to make money. There was an International Bowl this year in Toronto! What's next? ("Live from the sunny capital of Iraq is the first annual Baghdad Bowl between SouthWestern Louisiana State and the University of Buffalo. And what is sure to be a first in a sporting event, the fans in the stadium are also wearing helmets to protect them from flying shrapnel!").

What a racket. Albert Gonzalez should indict the NCAA and the college presidents under the RICO statute. Anyway, I would love to see Boise State and Florida play for the title. Maybe when I fall asleep tonight.


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