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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Get Your Kicks On...Route 22?

Due to a tantilizing conversation with Johnny Shades and Pghgirl over Thanksgiving about the infamous "Drive Thru Strip Club" Climax on Route 22 outside of Pittsburgh, I became obsessed with the very premise of a drive-thru strip club. What exactly does the ride include, how much is it, do they have menus of girls you can choose from??? I promised Johnny Shades for the sake of research I would investigate first hand.

Well, I'm a pussy. Since Thanksgiving I've driven past Climax no less than 5 times (I like Pittsburgh) but I never got the courage to "drive-thru." Yesterday, my mother shared with me a news piece she saw about a man who was arrested for leaving his 3-year old child in the car for three hours while he went into this said strip club. Now, he was obviously not driving through but I looked on line for the article regardless. Unfortunately, I did not find anything but I did find this...

I am aware that this article is from 2005 but it answers so many burning questions. I hope you enjoy...and don't think I'm too weird, if you drove past a strip club advertised "Drive Thru" for 6 years of your life, you'd want to know more too. (PS - I know there is a better way to insert a link, sorry I'll do it next time!)


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