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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Prettiest of Hoyas

Victor Page was the ugliest man to ever don a Georgetown uniform and the only candidate for orthodontics by force that I've ever known. Then he got shot and lost an eye. He's like the black Job. (Not to be confused with black Jesus). Now, Page is the subject of one of those wonderful, "the news makes me think of..." games that the New York Times plays that generates articles like this.

Now, sure there are some moments of comedy in this article. Like the fact that Page knows who shot him, but doesn't seem to mind. Or that the Sioux Force Skyforce retired his number, even after he was ejected from a game after prodding an opponent with a broom.

But while Page would make the All-Crazy Georgetown team, he would not be the MVP. That honor would have to go to Kenny Brunner who transferred from the Hilltop to pursue a career as a part-time ninja. He then "made it" into the ABA (pre-Isiah Thomas destruction) and had to be removed from a game so that he could vomit the day-old Chinese take-out he'd eaten for breakfast all over the bench.

Playing Center on the team would have to be "Who Wants to Sex Dikembe", with A.I. on the team for scoring and an actual conviction.

Thank you, New York Times, for our Victor Page update!


  • That's only 4 people. We need to round out the roster. I propose Nat Burton, if only because he tried to choke Rocky.

    By Blogger Johnny Shades, at 3:29 PM  

  • Who was it that stole a car? Shenard Long?

    By Blogger Garfield, at 9:50 AM  

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