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Monday, March 20, 2006

Return of the G-Funk Era

I couldn't be happier with Georgetown's victory last night. In sharp contrast to the Northern Iowa debacle on Thursday, the Hoyas played beautiful, crisp basketball. It was the definitely the most significant victory for the Hoyas in the post-Nat Burton/Rocky LeDonni era.

Regardless, the local media has virtually ignored the Georgetown victory, opting to focus on the George Mason victory instead. I suspect this is because George Mason university was named after George Mason, who (as we all know from 24) sacrificed his own life to save millions of Americans by piloting a plane carrying a nuclear bomb to a remote area of the desert. It is no wonder, then, why a school named after this lion of fictional American history would get the majority of local media attention.

But the local media should not overlook Georgetown's connection to the fictional world of 24. Martyred President David Palmer not only obtained his undergraduate degree from Georgetown, but also played basketball for the Hoyas, winning the Wooden Award for player of the year. And on top of that, David Palmer's real-life nephew, Nazareth Haysbert (pictured half-way down next to Burl Ives' illegitimate son) actually attended Georgetown in the real world.

Now that I've disclosed Georgetown's extensive connection to 24, I expect local media attention to shift to the Hoyas immediately. And if that doesn't do it, maybe a win over Florida next week will.


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