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Friday, March 10, 2006

Some Thoughts for the Weekend...

Man, it's beautiful outside. I'm glad I'm still in the office. I think I'll post some assorted links to delay my escape even further:

  • This is one of the funniest college sports pranks in recent memory. The other that immediately comes to mind is the Harvard-Yale "We Suck" prank, which loses points because Ivy-leaguers are largely lame. I'm also a huge fan of this sign, even though I'm not even sure that it's real (I find it hard to believe that a Twerp could come up with something as clever as this).
  • At a mere 1,000 calories, this monstrosity is only a fraction as unhealthy as your typical Adams Morgan jumbo slice.
  • This may be an overly pedantic quip, but in his column today Thomas Boswell says that baseball owners "assume that all possible damages can be estimated and, ultimately, related to the profit-and-loss line on a balance sheet." Now, as a financial analyst, I've seen my share of balance sheets. They decidedly do NOT have profit-and-loss lines - those are more appropriately included on the profit-and-loss statement. I'll strike a deal with you Bos - you stop talking about balance sheets, and I'll stop talking about baseball.
  • Finally, drink all you want this weekend, but be sure to say no to drugs. Otherwise, your head will expand to inhuman proportions.


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