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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Only another 4 hours of work...

First, Google mapped Mars. Of course they did. As Doza says, "I have an apointment at 11am Tuesday for them to map my kitchen."

A Nepalese man offers his wife as payment for a $15 debt. But it's ok, because he has another wife.

Here's a follow-up to yesterday's pigeon-shooting scare in Pittsburgh. Check out the alliteration in the title. Ole' Rich Lord is gunning for a Pullitzer.

Finally, the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington announced the finalists for their "Rammy" awards yesterday. Cafe 227 was not included as a finalist for "Hottest Bar Scene." I know Cafe 227 isn't really a "bar" (it's more of a speakasy/after-hours lounge), but that technicality shouldn't have eliminated us from contention. Allow me to briefly comment on the finalists:

  • Clyde's of Gallery Place: Contrived and lame.
  • Degrees: Pretty cool, if by "cool" you mean "fucking lame and overpriced."
  • Sonoma: That's on Capitol Hill, right? Lame.
  • Tabaq: I used to like Tabaq before they relieved Frankie Fingers of his DJing duties. Now, it's lame.
  • Zaytinya: Perpetual shit-show, constantly inhabited by people from Virginia who want to show out-of-town guests how cool DC is. So basically, it's like Lauriol Plaza circa 2001.

In sum, Cafe 227 whizzes on all of these places. Not including us as a finalist is an unforgiveable oversight.

Back to work...


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