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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Inanity of the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll

While this topic of discussion could be the fodder for an entire Blog in and of itself, the most recent ESPN/USA Today poll has made me silly with anger. The reason, O District of Columbians, is the omission of that glorious institution, Georgetown University, home of the Hoyas.

Besides knocking off previously unbeaten and overhyped Duke on national TV, the Hoyas have had an impressive season, holding their own in the new Super-Conference, the Big Beast. Their only conference losses are on the road at #1 UConn and #13 West Virginia, and their other two losses are at #7 Illinois and against a very good Vanderbilt team. They should be rewarded by at least getting more votes than UNC, Syracuse, Louisville, or Wisconsin who are losing games faster than James Frey can lose his credibility.

D.C. Beware! If something is not done soon, you will be sentenced to having to see college basketball at the Foggy Bottom Federal Prison watching Georgetown Lite play another exciting match up against Stony Brook or Duquesne in front of 200 mildly restless students wearing "I Didn't Get Into Georgetown" faces and cheering for their beloved Colonials before they resume their solitary confinement or practice their curling.


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