Cafe 227

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Help Fight Depression and Stop Suicide

Okay, so it's been awhile since I (or anyone for that matter) posted on Cafe 227. Probably because Cafe 227 itself does not have a blogger occupant, but that's debatable.

In any event, I am using this vehicle to shamelessly appeal to the 5 of you left who have RSS feeds of the blog.

After graduation from law school and while studying for the Bar, a very close friend killed himself. It was a huge shock and, for those who have never had someone close to them commit suicide, let me tell you it is unbelievably difficult as, beyond the grieving over losing someone, there is an inescapable, gnawing sense of guilt that you "could've done something" or you missed the signs or a million other things that keep you up and make you wonder how someone you cared about could be suffering so much in front of you and you were too clueless to notice.

My friend Dave was the life of every party and one of the smartest people I've ever met (along with Johnny Shades and Conor). His death was a huge loss to the world and the result of a disease that is more deadly than cancer (as far as number of persons killed), but more treatable.

In any event, Dave's friends and family have started a foundation, The Dave Nee Foundation, and the second annual fundraiser is a Casino Night at Capitale in Manhattan on 11/7. If anyone reading this is in New York and wants to go, information is on the website. If you can't go or are broke, all I ask you to do is simply be alert to signs of depression both in yourself and in those you care about. Depression is treatable in almost all cases, but it takes a ton of persistence and courage.