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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Return of the Shades

So, you have probably been wondering where I've been for the past month or so. (Actually, since I have precisely ZERO readers now, I'm sure you haven't.) If you must know, I've been interviewing for the Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach vacancy. I had a six-hour interview last week, which I thought went pretty well. Unfortunately, I found out Monday that I didn't get the job, which is par for the course these days:

Dear Mr. Shades:

The MBA Admissions Board [of a super-elitist, East coast, Arab-hating university] appreciates your interest in our MBA Program and the considerable effort evident in your application. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a place in the MBA Class of 2009.

Managing Director, MBA Admissions & Financial Aid [and Player Hater]

Hey, thanks guys! Although those four months I spent frantically working on my application amid 70-hour work weeks are lost forever, it sure was an awesome character builder. We'll have to do it again sometime.

Sensing my profound disappointment, my significant out-of-town guest (who sadly returned to her temporary residence in Zamunda last week) dropped me the following note, which put things in perspective and really cheered me up:

Dear Mr. Shades:

This letter is to inform you that by not attending [super-elitist, East coast, Arab-hating university] you will save a boatload of money, two years, and your dignity.

All the very best,
your superego

So, thank you, significant out-of-town guest from Zamunda. You're truly the best.

Johnny Shades has returned, and he's ready to face the world again. (And by "world," I mean "this tiny virtual network of like-minded individuals, most of whom I went to college with.") So keep your eyes on Cafe 227 for a whole slew of fun stuff, such as the following television commercial for a video game retailer. (Make sure you watch it until the end. I refuse to believe this actually aired.)


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