Cafe 227

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dixie Liquors Closes it Doors; Tequila Grill Becomes a Lame Bookstore

Today is a sad day, indeed. I just found out that Dixie Liquors, which provided me with a steady flow of Mad Dog 20/20 for four glorious years while I was in college, is shuttering its doors for good. After Eagle Liquors closed in 1999, Dixie was the only remaining liquor story on M Street west of Wisconcin Ave. I'm not sure what the Georgetown student body is going to do now - I wonder if Wagner's still delivers.

In other depressing alcohol related news, the space formerly known as Tequila Grill - which use to serve cheap margaritas and free tacos at happy hour - is being turned into an incredibly lame bookstore. An ignominious end to such a storied watering hole.