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Friday, December 01, 2006

In My Opinion, They Both Suck Equally.

So, there's an article in today's Washington Post about which soulless suburban dystopia sucks less, Reston or Tysons. I almost spit out my Frosted Flakes this morning when I read the author's conclusion:

"...for the real urban experience, I'll put my money on Tysons."

The crux of the author's argument is that "Tysons is one traffic jam after another," just like "Midtown Manhattan." Or something like that.

Look, I'll concede that Reston is far more contrived than Tysons, while Tysons' horrendous sprawl is much more "organic." But this is kind of like arguing about which restaurant is better, Ruby Tuesday or Applebee's. They're basically the same, and they both suck.

Above: The breathtaking skyline of Midtown Tysons Corner.


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