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Monday, June 05, 2006

A Social Club Almost as Exclusive as Cafe 227

Mr. Why.I.Hate.DC gets a permanent place on my blogroll for his hilarious commentary about "LateNightShots," which is "a closed social network which allows you to explore Washington DC's social landscape and bar scene. " He postulates that this club has some affiliation with the Georgetown community. Having gone to Georgetown, I can understand how he draws this conclusion, although their members don't appear to be as lame as the Stewards or the Chimes (who even have their own lame lexicon). But I wouldn't be surprised if there is some overlap.

A quick glance through the comments to the post also uncovers the Capital Club, another uber-exclusive DC social club that is so exclusive, it only admits 100 members! I just wasted the past 30 minutes perusing their photo gallery. There appear to be a lot of white people in the Capital Club. I saw one black person, although I think he was a guest rather than a member. I didn't see any Arabs. (Although I suppose Arabs such as myself have our own super-exclusive social clubs that white people aren't invited to...)

Neither of these social clubs, however, is nearly as exclusive as Cafe 227, which currently has 3 active members and a dozen or so alumni/"friends-of-the bar." Nor are these clubs' events on par with Cafe 227's events. Did the Capital Club or LateNightShots bring you an "adult"-themed party last year complete with Japanese Anime video entertainment, scantily-clad bartenders, and two of DC's dopest DJs? Nope - but Cafe 227 did. And we don't even have a minimum net worth requirement...

[UPDATE: Here are some more details from DCist. Top-rated bar among members of the LNS? Smith Point. Most common neighborhoods? Georgetown, Glover Park, and Ballston. Most common skin color? Brown. (Haha, I just made that last one up. It's white.) There is perhaps a grain of truth in stereotypes after all...]

[UPDATE #2: My site-meter tells me I'm getting a TON of referrals from LNS' web site. Come on guys, let me in! I'm dying to know what you're saying about Cafe 227. You're probably just jealous that you've never been invited over. Of course, It's waaay over on U Street near all the shady-looking people who listen to Rare Essence and eat chili half-smokes etc., so you probably wouldn't come anyway...]


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