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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend Redux: The Links

Here are some links I received over the weekend while I was (surprisingly) not at work:

  • Ever wondered what a three-armed baby boy looks like? Look no further. (Where do you find this stuff, Doza?)

  • Three curmudgeons put to rest a popular childhood conundrum, and in the process waste hours of mental effort in a pursuit that fails to benefit mankind in the least.

  • Here's the reason I wasted the first two hours of work this morning - one of the all-time great arcade games, now available on the modern-day internet! I hope your productivity suffers as much as mine has.

  • Cleveland Browns runningback Reuben Droughns was arrested last week for throwing his wife out of a door (which is not as bad as throwing her out of a window). What kills me about this incident is that "[h]e eventually let her back in, but then left the house with his wife's wedding ring, her credit cards and cash..." I have little doubt in my mind that this played out exactly like the music video from Oran "Juice" Jones' 1986 breakout hit, "The Rain," which is unquestionably worth watching. If you don't have time to watch the video in its entirety, skip to the especially poignant monologue, which begins at the 2:20 mark. (Sample grab: "I stuck you up for every piece of jewelry I ever bought you. Yeeah!")
  • In case you were ever curious, this eloquent post from the Express perfectly echoes my opinion of Lauriol Plaza. (I feel very strongly about this - I actually came to the realization this weekend that I often form immutable opinions about people solely based on whether or not they like Lauriol Plaza.)
  • Finally, I was at the National Gallery of Art this weekend, and it occurred to me that French artist Claude Hoin (pictured here in his self-portrait) bears an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Hitchens - which gives me an excuse to link to this brilliant story about 'ole Hitch from The Onion.


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