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Thursday, June 01, 2006

These links are piling up...

  • A new political party is being formed in the Netherlands: the Charity, Freedom, and Diversity party. Apparently, "Charity, Freedom, and Diversity" is a new euphemism for "Pedophilia." What's their platform, you ask? Why, "allowing pornography to be broadcast on daytime television, with only violent pornography limited to the late evening." Also, "[s]ex with animals should be allowed," although "abuse of animals should remain illegal." Please insert your own gratuitous Mike Cooper joke - I don't have the energy today.
  • This is pretty cool. I'm astonished that Google isn't involved.
  • Five things no bar should have, according to Chuck Klosterman. Not to worry Chuck, Cafe 227 is completely devoid of all these things. Come by for a drink sometime.
  • Another Klosterman article. This one's about text messages. Or the invention of the wheel. Or something. (As you can see, Cafe 227 loves Klosterman despite his occassional pleonasmic tendencies.)
  • Finally, but most importantly: America Online, an internet service provider and relic of the 1990s, would like you to vote for DC's hottest bartender. Sadly, none of the proprietors of Cafe 227 was nominated (understandably so, since Cafe 227 is more of a speakeasy than a bar). However, a friend of Cafe 227 - Hank - was nominated. Even though Hank currently tends bar at Adams Mill, which I despise almost as much as Lauriol Plaza, we go way back to his Third Edition days. He's always given me nothing but top-notch service. So, go to this web site right now and vote for Hank. (And if you're interested, here's the online ballot for DC's hottest female bartenders. But I simply can't take this poll seriously after they inexplicably failed to nominate Patrice from Tonic, who just happens to be the definition of "hot"...)


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