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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why I Don't Like My Fellow Catholics

For those of you non-Cathols who have this to look forward to, want to give you the heads up that today is Ash Wednesday, a fun day of fasting and remembering that we're all going to die.

To achieve this, the palms used on last year's Palm Sunday as both a symbol and to fan everyone who passes out while listening to the reading of the Passion, are burned to make ashes. These ashes are saved and placed on our foreheads the following year.

While some may think this funny, it is actually quite serious. This tradition is a great way for us as Catholics to show our "quirkiness" and "ability to obey," which are often called into question by those who constantly discriminate against us. What, you didn't know we were being oppressed? We've only got 5 of the 9 Supreme Court justices! That's BARELY a majority! And there's only a few Catholic colleges left!

So if you see me or another Papist with a dark smudge on his or her forehead today, give a little smile and remind yourself how grateful you are to have the opportunities that are denied us fish-eaters... like not getting to go to Bob Jones University.


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