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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Get Your Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt Action Figure at Target while Supplies Last

Check out the new presidential action figure on sale at In case they've already discovered and corrected their error, here's a screen shot from approximately 10pm EST...

Three historical inaccuracies immediately jumped out at me:

1. After contracting an illness in 1921, Franklin Roosevelt became paralyzed from the waist down, forcing him to use a wheelchair. The fact that a wheelchair (or at the very least, a cane) isn't included with the action figure is a gross misrepresentation of history.

2. Slightly less egregious, but still an oversight, is the fact that the Franklin Roosevelt action figure does not come with a companion action figure for his beloved Scottish terrier, Fala.

3. The Franklin Roosevelt action figure looks disturbingly like Benjamin Franklin.

Hey, wait a minute...

How could Target, a fine American retailer, confuse these two lions of American history? A quick read of the product features provides some clues:

Bullet #1: "...Presidents own Voice!" No apostrophe signifying the possessive, and "voice" is inexplicably capitalized.

Bullet #4: "Figure come in an attractive display box however..." Improper subject-verb agreement, punctuation is omitted between "box" and "however."

If Target insists on outsourcing its web administration functions to India and/or China, it should at least hire a U.S.-based content editor...


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