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Thursday, April 20, 2006

NY Times: A Day Late, Dollar Short

Either the NY Times is perpetually late on the uptake, or I'm a trendsetter.

About a month ago, the Times published this article proclaiming the bearded man to be the "modern-day sex symbol." As anyone who's lucky enough to be in Mr. Johnny Shades' inner circle knows, I've had a beard for several months.

Then, a few weeks ago, the Times published this article proclaiming that the U Street corridor "is cool again." As you'll notice from the date on the article, it was published approximately 4 years after I moved into the neighborhood, which also happened to be when the neighborhood actually became cool again. I've got to agree with Yglesias on this - the NY Times piece signifies the beginning of the post-cool era on U Street.

And just yesterday, the Times published this article about the profileration of college kids who like to smoke flavored tobacco out of hookahs. Ok, not only is the hookah trend in the U.S. approximately 5 years old, but I was actually smoking fruit-flavored tobacco out of a hookah on my porch in Pittsburgh when I was a toddler. In fact, my dad was smoking the hookah in Lebanon when he was a toddler.

What's next for the Times? A profile of hip-hop, the hot new music genre that's sweeping the nation? A write-up of Tapas restaurants, a wild new trend in dining? Maybe an in-depth report on the surprising popularity of Texas Hold'em?


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