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Monday, April 10, 2006

Humorless Hilltop?

So... through Mike Birbiglia's HILARIOUS Secret Public Journal, I learned that he recently came to good ol' Georgetown, our alma mater. He performed at Gaston Hall, host of such illustrious previous acts as Tom DeLuca the Hypnotist, Ben Folds Five Before They Released "Brick," and any gathering of more than 2 Georgetown Chimes sounding like a barbershop quartet.

Much to my chagrin, it appears that not only did GU students not publicize his appearance, they didn't even sell it out!!! This is an absolute travesty. I caught his act at NYU and found it to be some of the best stand-up I'd ever seen. Plus, Mike is one of THE preeminent young comics in America, headlining his own tour, releasing a CD, and appearing constantly on Comedy Central (even performing for the troops).

Georgetown, wake up! Birbigs is like the 3rd most famous alum behind Clinton and Ewing... or something like that. Does no one on the Hilltop appreciate good humor anymore?

Shit, injuninjun wrote a 7,000 word rambling lovefest for Dave Chapelle. And HE'S CRAZY!!! (That applies to both parties named in the previous sentence).


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