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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No More LuLu's

According to DCist, LuLu's Mardi Gras Club is closing. It's last night ever will be this Saturday, April 1.

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about LuLu's. I'd rather spend and evening at Lauriol "Fun-Vacuum" Plaza. That said, I can't help but feel a bit of sadness at this news. Nostaligia perhaps? After all, LuLu's was one of the only places in DC that let me drink when I was 17. This distinguished list also includes such fine establishments as the Cellar, Flick's/Odd's, Graffiti, Winston's, Cafe Babalu, and the notorious Charing Cross (which progressively bucked social norms and local statutes by establishing an age maximum of 19 for entry). Surprisingly, NONE of these bars is still in business.

Additionally, LuLu's, along with Heaven and Hell, Crush (closed), Polly Esther's (recently closed), and Tequila Beach (recently closed), served a very useful purpose - it kept insipid and painfully annoying bachelorette parties away from places I like to frequent. I've always said that the day I see a bachelorette party with plastic phalluses in tow at Cafe St. Ex is the day I go on a 4 state shooting spree. So, in essence, LuLu's existence kept the metropolitan area's crime rate down. In a way, it was like the anti-Club U.


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