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Monday, January 30, 2006

Did You Know: Jerome Bettis is from Detroit

In this run-up to Super Bowl XL, the only thing more cliched than the ubiquitious coverage of Jerome Bettis' homecoming is the constant bemoaning of this coverage by sportswriters. In one such column on ESPN's Page 2, Brian Murphy offers 10 alternative angles to the Steelers-Seahawks matchup. While I realize he's written this in jest, I still think Murphy misses a golden opportunity to mention one seemingly obvious angle that has been completely overlooked by the popular media: the Franco Harris connection.

As you're probably aware, Steelers' legend Franco Harris played a fraction of a season with the Seahawks, where he averaged a paltry 2.5 yards per carry on 68 total rushing attempts before being released in October 1984.

Every true Steelers fan knows that Franco should have never donned that ugly, blue-and-silver uniform, not even for a couple of months. Every true Steelers fan knows that Franco should have retired a Steeler. Finally the Steelers organization will have an opportunity to avenge Franco's honor and bury the memory of that ignominious season with a decisive victory over the Seahawks this Sunday.

How's that for an angle?


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