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Friday, February 10, 2006


I love the new sponsored links that appear on Gmail. For those who aren't familiar, Google recognizes certain words or phrases in the body of the e-mail you're reading and displays a link or an advertisement that it deems relevant. For instance, when I read an e-mail about the Pittsburgh Steelers, a link to this blog about the Super Bowl* appears. You know why? Because the Steelers are the reigning Super Bowl champions. But I digress...

Although quite clever, this algorithm has some unintended comedic consequences. For instance, as I was checking my spam folder today, Gmail presented me with links to the following delicious recipes...

* The author of the above referenced blog is Jon Steinback, the Product Marketing Manager of Google Video. Google has apparently invented technology to bring brilliant, dead authors back to life. Perhaps this technology should be called Google Lazarus. Is there anything Google can't do?


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