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Monday, July 24, 2006

Follow-up: DC's New Super-Elite Crime Fighting Force

Try and follow along here, mkay?

14th Street : Cop on Horse :: 34th Street:_________

Anyone know what the answer is?


The answer is 'Cop on Segway'.

Driving up 34th street in Georgetown last week I saw a cop riding a Segway in the middle of the street.

Unsure of what to do, I just tailed him till he turned onto T Street. He was pissed, but what was i gonna do? He was blocking only drivable lane and if I passed him he would have probably given me a ticket.

I get the horse - I mean, what could be more fun than chasing after a perp while riding on a horse and shooting at him....but riding a Segway??


Segways top out at about 12.5 mph.

Horses can canter/lope up to 17mph and when galloping, hit 30 mph.

What happens if you need to CATCH someone? Obviously DC cops want to catch their criminals, right?

What happens if the Segway runs out of batteries? God forbid if the perp veers onto non asphalt terrain? Are cops going to go off-roading in their Segways? Probably not.
I'm envisioning Chief Wiggum on a Segway at the edge of some grass watching Snake run off into the sunset. Poor Chief Wiggum.

On the other hand, Segways don't crap all over city they've got that going for them....which is nice.

Oh.....and if you're looking for a way to pass the time, this will surely do. I think I'm done for the rest of the week.