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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bicycle. Monkey. Ashy Larry.

(Ed's Note: It has been a long day at work - otherwise I would have posted this sooner.)

Yesterday evening during the middle of a call with a client I got a call on my cell from my friend Dan who works at the Capitol. Since I was on a conference call, I didn't pick up. Dan didn't leave a message so I called him back right when I got off.

The transcript of what I remember from our conversation is below:

me: Yo, Dan - What up?
Dan: Dude - you shoulda picked up your cell phone man!
me: Dan - I was WORKING - talking on the phone with a client. What's up?
Dan: I wanted to see if you wanted to go to the Chapelle show tonight at the Improv.
me: HWHAT?
Dan: Dude - Chapelle is performing at the Improv tonight and I wanted to know if you
I interrupt
me: HWHAT?
Dan: Bro.....I...
I interrupt
me: I get are you serious? And how do you have tickets?
Dan: I don't have tickets, but.....
me: how are we going to get in then man!!! I bet you that shit is sold out!
Dan: Look....listen...Dave Chapelle just left but...

At this point I turned into a bumbling idiot. The long and short of it was that Dave Chapelle was at the Capitol yesterday visiting a friend of his who is a Capitol Hill Police Officer. This Capitol Hill Police Officer introduced Dave Chapelle to HIS friend Dan. Chapelle ended up inviting Dan to his show at the Improv and told him to bring a friend. Dan called me but I didn't answer (see conference call above) Dan called another friend of ours that is known to the people on this blog - but this friend was coaching a Little League game and couldn't commit at that point. Mind you - Dave Chapelle was listening to the phone call and was making faces and saying shit like ....."WTF? What....this guy doesn't want to come to my show? What's up with that...." To be fair, the abovementioned softball coach had no idea that Dave was listening to his phone call.

Dan called me, I told him we wouldn't miss it for the world and we made plans to meet Dan's friend at the show so we could get in. We went to get drinks at the Front Page where our favorite bartender Soup was working ("HE'LL GET YA DRUNK!) before the show and got to the Improv around 10:30. We couldn't find Dan's friend but through several strokes of luck - managed to get in and get great seats.

The opening act was this guy named Ryan Connor. I was pretty impressed. He was a really funny comedian and reminded me of a taller, skinnier, hippier, more crass version of Mike Birbiglia. If you get a chance, check him out.

After Ryan Connor's entertaining 1/2 hr set, Dave came out and started his act. He riffed on so many topics and freestyled and interacted with the audience throughout the evening that I do not know how I can do it justice. He is really that funny in person and he had everyone laughing all night long.

Highlights include:

  • Making fun of Comedy Central and the media at-large for thinking he's crazy.
  • Poking some fun at Carlos Mencia.
  • Dropping some knowledge about Iceberg Slim and his book 'Pimp'. I'm getting this off of Amazon ASAP.
  • Calling Mos Def during his act and not getting an answer.
  • Getting a call from Common and putting him on speakerphone during the show. Common talked to Dave and the audience. Very very cool.
  • Talking about Chocolate City.
  • Talking about how it's all a GAME and how he is no longer going to be part of the game.

More important than the two hours of comedy he brought to DC was some of the knowledge he dropped. He talked in plain terms about what happened to him and about walking away. He wasn't preaching - just telling a real good story.

He ended the show with a story from Iceberg Slim's book 'Pimp. The story revolved around Iceberg's favorite lady of the night (although he referred to her in more colorful terms). Essentially this woman had spent a long time in the service of Iceberg Slim and she wanted to start a new chapter in her life and go to work in the circus. She asked Iceberg if she could leave and he agreed - but on one condition; that she help him one last time before she left. So they made a plan and set up the date and he asked her to meet her last job. Well - the plan backfired, the woman freaked out and Iceberg was called in to fix the situation. Iceberg told her he'd take care of everything, as long as she would continue at her job for several more years. She agreed.

The moral of the story?

Iceberg later says that he actually set her up to fail in order to keep her with him. He manipulated the situation in every way so as not to lose her. Dave described it in a lot more graphic detail, but with respect to Aziz's family I'll leave out the rest of the colorful language.

To paraphrase Dave.....'THAT....ladies and the game'.

Dave Chapelle with the Big Injun that Could

If you ever have a chance to see Dave Chapelle perform, go do it. It is definitely worth it. Dave Chapelle is NOT crazy - he's just doing his thing, and that's fine by me.


  • Holy shit, is that AJIT in that picture with Dave!? Dave got to meet AJIT!?

    Also, how come no one called me to go see Dave Chappelle? Like I wouldn't have skipped French class for that shit.

    By Blogger Johnny Shades, at 11:25 PM  

  • Also, scissors beats paper bitch. You lose Ajit.

    By Blogger Johnny Shades, at 11:26 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger red storm, at 1:29 PM  

  • AJIT???

    By Blogger red storm, at 1:30 PM  

  • Game. Blouses.

    By Blogger Conor, at 1:44 PM  

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